Make a box frame

make a box frame
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This is a DIY photo frame project with step by step instructions showing you how to make a box frame.


1. Cut out the card.

make a box frame step 1

Starting with your photo, measure a piece of craft card (2 – 2.5mm thick) to be slightly bigger. For this 4x6in photo we added 1cm all the way around. Cut 2 pieces of card out to this size. These are the front and back of the frame.

For the sides: the 2 smaller side pieces are exactly the same height as the front and back pieces. The 2 longer side pieces are the same length as the front/back pieces, plus 2mm each end (for the thickness of the side card pieces). The side pieces’ depth is however deep you want your box frame to be.


2. Cover the card with paper.

make a box frame step 2

Back and sides: Glue each piece of card face down onto the back of your paper. Notch the corners and glue carefully all the way around. If you are using paper with a repeating pattern, make sure you line up your repeats across the different pieces, and also make sure the pieces are the right way up when glueing them together.

make a box frame step 3

Front: use a contrasting paper if you want, or the same.  Stick the card down onto the back of the paper and instead of folding over, trim carefully right to the edge of the card.


3. Assemble the box frame.

We card mounted our photo on self adhesive mountboard to give a bit of extra lift – that stage is optional.

Assemble the frame by glueing each piece in place and then using strips of Kraft paper as hinges glued into each join to give the frame stability.

1. Glue the photo onto the front piece.

2. Glue the smaller sides onto the back, then the longer ones.

3. You can leave the frame without a back to make it easy to hang, but if you want to attach the back, first glue in place a stabiliser which is exactly as deep as the box. This will make it easier to push the back into place without it going too far.

make a box frame step 4

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